About LGR

The firm was established in 2000 and grew gradually from a sole proprietorship, to an incorporated company with two directors in 2002. Currently the company has two offices (Pretoria and Durban), employs 16 attorneys, 13 candidate attorneys and more than 200 administrative employees.

Finding the Difference

Since the firm’s establishment, our firm’s growth has been supported by our founding objective to provide the very best in expert advice and support to our clients.

Our aim has always been to be different and a cut above the rest. From our partner-led practice and superior client support, to expert advice in niche markets and a progressive approach, we can and will make the difference.

Our goal is simple – to be a Centre of Excellence

The Right Commitment

Whether it is getting the deal done or simply gaining advice, we are committed to a ‘total-solutions approach’ that meet our client’s requirements completely. We view ourselves as a vital addition to the business of every one of our clients. We are always there to respond promptly to our clients’ needs and guide them on the way forward.

We believe in sustainable growth to ensure that each new client project is implemented thoroughly and successfully before embarking on new projects, thereby ensuring that our client base expands but never at the expense of another client.

Honesty, Trustworthiness and Integrity

We are honest and trustworthy in our dealings with each other and with our clients. We act with integrity at all times. We are respectful, considerate and appreciate the contributions of all members of our team. We recognise that our future depends on the encouragement, development and recognition of our people. Teamwork is of fundamental importance to us and we respect each member of the team as an individual. The diversity within our company create unbeatable teams.


We believe that with the right mixture of knowledge, value and integrity, we can provide an outstanding service to our clients.


Our values are encompassed by our honesty, integrity, transparency and commitment.

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